Double Dutch Performance
National Double Dutch League
A performance by the award-winning National Double Dutch League.
Plaza | 6:15PM
DJ Statik Selektah
Statik Selektah
Grand Lobby | 6:15PM


Ask a Philosopher (Ongoing Experience)
Outer Lobby | 6:30PM
Sewing Cart (Ongoing Experience)
Plaza | 6:30PM
Archival Portraits by Jamel Shabazz & Danny Clinch (Ongoing Experience)
Jamel Shabazz, Danny Clinch
Facade projections of Jamel Shabazz: Back in the Days and Danny Clinch: Hip Hop Icons Rain location: Business & Career Center Event Room
Plaza | 6:30PM


Pre-Hook: What is Hip-Hop?
April R. Silver, HAWA, Cey Adams
Three key players in Hip-Hop culture share what the genre means to them.
Grand Lobby | 7:00PM
10 Commandments for Hip-Hop: A Manifesto
Brandon "JINX" Jenkins
Brandon "JINX" Jenkins delivers a manifesto, witten especially for Night in the Library: The Philosophy of Hip-Hop.
Grand Lobby | 7:00PM


The Visual Language of Hip Hop
Cey Adams
Visual artist, designer, and founding creative director of Def Jam Recordings discusses creating the visual language of Hip-Hop. 
Society, Sciences & Technology Division | 8:00PM
Hon. Dr. Gloria Carter and Angie Martinez in Conversation
Angie Martinez, Hon. Dr. Gloria Carter
Hon. Dr. Gloria Carter & Angie Martinez in conversation.
Grand Lobby | 8:00PM
Hip-Hop Journalism: From Hard-Hitting to Gossip
Sidney Madden, Fredara Mareva Hadley, Ph.D., Briana Younger
How to cover the evolving artform.
History, Biography, Religion Division | 8:00PM
Hip-Hop Fashion Pop-Up
Dapper Dan, April Walker, Beau McCall, Moshood, Hubane
Featuring designs by Dapper Dan, April Walker, Beau McCall, Israel Yanir (Hubane), and Moshood.
Various | 8:00PM to 11:00PM
Lyrical Law: Hip-Hop Lyrics and the Justice System
The ACLU's Emerson Sykes unpacks the use of hip-hop lyrics as criminal evidence.
Art & Music | 8:00PM


Directed by Bobbito Garcia, 98 min. Saboteur Films, 2015.
Business and Career Center | 8:30PM
#TheRealHipHopCop Answers Your Questions
Derrick Parker
Art & Music | 8:30PM
The Truth Behind Lyrics
Mickey Factz
Mickey Factz compares contradictions and paradox in Hip-Hop lyrics.
Languages & Literature Division | 8:30PM


Grand Lobby | 8:45PM


Accessibility of Hip-Hop (Ongoing Experience)
From Not Impossible Labs, experience wearable technology that translates sound onto the skin through vibration. Inspired by the deaf community.  
Grand Lobby | 9:00PM
A Close Reading of an Iconic André 3000 Verse
Ari Melber
The host of MSNBC's The Beat with Ari Melber breaks down an André 3000 verse.
Languages & Literature Division | 9:00PM to 9:30PM | 30 min
An Ode to Hip-Hop: A Multi-Generational Discussion (ASL)
HDBeenDope, Smif-N-Wessun, Antha Pantha, Jeff Johnson
Society, Sciences & Technology Division | 9:00PM
Hip-Hop & The Historical Analysis of Law Enforcement Surveillance of Black Artistry
Kenneth J. Montgomery
Lawyer Kenneth Montgomery takes a look at law enforcement, Hip-Hop and race, with a look at specific cases involving Hip-Hop artists.
Dweck Auditorium | 9:00PM
Sell-Out or Saving Grace?: The Moral Meaning(s) of Hip-Hop (ASL)
Andre C. Willis, Tricia Rose
Hip Hop is one of the most intensely debated forms of Black music. It has been celebrated as a sign of black cultural ingenuity, resistance and creativity and, at the same time, condemned for its complicity with exploitation, racism, sexism and capitalist consumption. What, if any, are the moral meanings of Hip Hop? And, why do such meanings matter for Black culture and Black people?  These kinds of questions have been going on since Hip Hop began 50 years ago. 
History, Biography, Religion Division | 9:00PM
Evolution: From Counterculture to Popular Culture
Naima Cochrane
A multimedia presentation on the evolution of hip-hop and its elements.
Art & Music | 9:00PM
Dilemma Series 1: I Am Hip-Hop! Who Owns Hip-Hop?
April R. Silver
Hip-hop has now transcended race, class, and nationalities. Has the universal expansion of this art form invented by Black and Brown youth now abandoned its architects?
Info Commons Lab | 9:00PM


I Think Very Deeply: April R. Silver Interviews KRS-One (ASL)
KRS-One, April R. Silver
Art & Music | 9:30PM
Dilemma Series 2: Culture vs. Commerce
Lumumba Akinwole-Bandele
For eons, hip-hop purists have decried the commercialization of hip-hop. But has it really been that bad? Is it possible for art and business to co-exist without stripping the soul away from the culture?
Info Commons Lab | 9:30PM
Grand Lobby | 9:30PM
Sounds From The Future: An Interactive Conversation & Listening Session
Reuben Vincent, Sean C, Topaz Jones
An interactive listening session and discussion.
Languages & Literature Division | 9:30PM


Hip-Hop’s Global Impact, from Afrobeats to Bad Bunny
Brianna Agyemang, Brian Tate, Ivie Ani, Dr. Todd Craig
The globalization of hip-hop.
Art & Music | 10:00PM
Which American Region is the Most Important in Hip-Hop?
Donwill, Jazzy Lo, Alvin aqua Blanco, Mitchell S. Jackson, Chad Sanders
Panelists make their case for why their region (West Coast, East Coast, Midwest & The South) have made the biggest impact on hip-hop.
Society, Sciences & Technology Division | 10:00PM
Women in Hip-Hop: Sexuality, Empowerment, Competition, Success, & A Fight For Respect
Kathryn Sophia Belle, Rapsody
Philosopher Kathryn Sophia Bell sits down with Rapsody to discuss the past, present, and future of women's representation within the genre as artists and support systems.
Grand Lobby | 10:00PM
Stylin': Hip-Hop Fashion
Souleo, Dapper Dan, April Walker
Curator and writer Souleo discusses Hip-Hop fashion with the iconic designers Dapper Dan and April Walker.
Dweck Auditorium | 10:00PM
Episode 1 of the PBS series. The Foundation (55 mins, 3 sec): Discover the factors that led to the birth of Hip Hop and its first socially conscious hit The Message by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.
Business and Career Center | 10:00PM
Who Do We Trust to Archive Hip-Hop? (ASL)
Dr. Bryan Pierce, Dominique Jean-Louis, Natiba Guy-Clement
Three archivists discuss how Hip-Hop is entered into the official cultural record of institutions.
History, Biography, Religion Division | 10:00PM
Dilemma Series 3: Played Out?
Akanke Washington
With hip-hop turning 50 this year, is it rightfully still a youth-oriented culture? 
Info Commons Lab | 10:00PM


DJ Donwill
Grand Lobby | 10:30PM
Dilemma Series 4: WAP: The Pussyfication of Hip-Hop
Akanke Washington
In hip-hop and pop culture today, there's a mainstream embrace of sex, sensuality, and body autonomy. Does this focus limit or liberate the true essence of hip-hop?
Info Commons Lab | 10:30PM


Episode 2 of the PBS series. Under Siege (55 mins, 7 sec.): Explore the 1980s and the birth of Hip Hop as social commentary in the Reagan Era with the emergence of artists like Public Enemy, KRS-One, Ice-T, and NWA.
Business and Career Center | 11:00PM
From Synthesizers and Samplers to AI and ChatGPT
DeForrest Brown, Jr. on race, technology, and Artificial Intelligence in hip-hop.
Dweck Auditorium | 11:00PM
Streets to the Olympics: The History and Evolution of Hip-Hop Dance (ASL)
Jorge "Popmaster Fabel" Pabon, Elena Romero, Ana "Rokafella" Garcia
Elena Romero in conversation with dance pioneers Jorge "Popmaster Fabel" Pabon and Ana "Rokafella" Garcia.
Art & Music | 11:00PM
The Expansion of Hip-Hop Artistry: How Non-Black Artists Built a Home in the Genre (ASL)
Bill Adler, Pete Nice
This panel will explore the expansion of the hip-hop community through its evolution from expression of circumstance to popular music genre. Hear from a panel of non-Black artists and participants in the culture as they explain how they found their place in hip-hop.
Languages & Literature Division | 11:00PM
Party People: How the Young Lords & Black Panthers Set the Stage for a Hip Hop Revolution
Johanna Fernández
History, Biography, Religion Division | 11:00PM
Gender and Intersectionality in Hip-Hop
Kidd Kenn, HAWA, Mikelle Street
Society, Sciences & Technology Division | 11:00PM
Dilemma Series 5: Libations, Cyphers, Tribes, and Islands
Chief Ayanda Ifadara Clarke, Toni Blackman
Traditional African ways are the root of hip-hop but American and Western influences are dominating the culture. Is that a good thing?
Info Commons Lab | 11:00PM


Where There's Smoke, There's Fye
One rapper, one blunt, one mic: a live experiment.
Dweck Auditorium | 11:30PM to 12:15PM
Dilemma Series 6: The Essence of Hip-Hop: Life or Death?
Chief Ayanda Ifadara Clarke
Can the positive energy of hip-hop save it from the destructive influence of death and drugs?
Info Commons Lab | 11:30PM


Dilemma Series 7: The Real Sister Souljah Moment
April R. Silver
Can women's truth and power co-exist in hip-hop culture?
Info Commons Lab | 12:00AM
Breathe Easy: A Guided Meditation
Johnny Cocoa
Grand Lobby | 12:00AM


DJ Set - Boogie Blind
Boogie Blind
Grand Lobby | 1:00AM